Purchase all that you need to run the Human Journey course.

The Human Journey book – £6.99

The Human Journey by Dr Peter Saunders, expands on the themes and topics contained in the course. It's full of biblical references to help you see health related issues today from the perspective of Scripture.

Study Guide – £2.99

Guiding you through The Human Journey course, this study guide includes icebreakers, discussion questions, prayer points and suggestions for practical responses.

Leader's Guide – £3.99

If you're leading a Human Journey course this is your handbook to know everything from how long each session should run to how to deal with pastoral issues that may arise.

Course DVD – £6.99

This DVD contains the eight teaching videos which make up The Human Journey course, plus an additional resource - The Divine Drama (a biblical overview).

If you want to stream and download all the Human Journey course videos you can do so here.

Sample Pack – £14.99

The Sample Pack gives you everything you need to evaluate the course and decide if you want to run it. It contains one copy of The Human Journey book, one DVD, one Leader's Guide and one Study Guide.

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